If we are hanging in an empty room, we do not notice that we exist.

On the other hand when we are social or walk in the nature, a hand on the shoulder or a hug. The soft moss under our feet, the sand on the beach and the stone we are sitting on are all important ingredients in out perception and how we experience ourelves. Through touch the body confirms that we are and that we are a part of everything. For example a child that recieves loving touch becomes more empathic when it grows older. Allthough I believe that we can "wake up" the body at any age.

Deep touch.

The key to release the healing power of the touch is to be 100% present. The touch reaches down deep in the tissues and wakes up whatever fell asleep there. This is how i perform my treatments. No mechanic movements or pre-decided patterns. Everything is soft and intuitive. Due to the deepness of the touch it is very relaxing and releases stress. It can also ease and in some cases remove pain.

Energy flow.

I also direct the flow of energy. Energy streams that has left their path, creating unbalance, finds the right way and again supports bodyfunctions and mind.
Robert Wahlström
I give the treatments in my home, in your home or wherever it is convenient. Contact me through the contact page if you have any questions.
A few words from people I´ve treated.

"V" Writes:

”This is the best treatment i´ve tried, and i´ve tried many. The soft, gentle and careful touch in this tratment is on every level healing, beneficial and relaxing. The body comes to peace and feels full of flow and energy in a nice and resting way. It is a completely peaceful treatment, no pushing or manipulating of the body. All touch is soft and warm. Its so genuine and anchored in the present that it makes it unique.”
..and "J" writes like this:
My first feeling is that the body is ”silent”. All the cells are satisfied. My body can rest, free from pain. A feeling of being whole, in tune with the universe. The preassure on my shoulders are gone and its easy to breathe deeply. The touch during the treatment is both on the skin and deeper. The technique is calm and relaxing. Working deep through empathetic soft hands. A feeling of trust. Trust that the body knows how it should be, but need help to remember.