I have drowned in music since childhood, at that time mostly banging on my fathers Ludwig -68..
Nowadays its mostly studiowork, recording, producing and composing. Songs as the pop songs on this page i make whenever i have the time.

Touring with AFT 2018. Sweden, Norway, Greenland, USA and Germany.

Recording with AFT. Annika Fehling, Christer Jonasson and Robert Wahlström.
Album to be released April 2018.

Collaborations with Baul musicians and singers in India.

Making sound, music, noise(?) with Bald:r. A newborn music collective.

Koorp is another collective. We travel with poems and drums among the trees in old forests.

Composing music for a local Shakespeare theater.

Composing/recording music for a documentary about Ayyanar potters from Tamil Nadu, south India..

Tour in India as percussionist. Kolkata, Murshidabad, Patna, Delhi and Goa. We are invited by the organisation banglanatak.com to play Swedish folkmusic at the Sufi Sutra festival.

Worked with Anders Widmark as producer/co producer.

Sleep My Love.
Water an Stars
Water an Stars
Koorp-Korpens Öga
Koorp-Korpens Öga
Love is protected
I save my heart for you

A short mix of some earlier works for Romateatern on Gotland.